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Product Description:

  • Size: 95*52*20mm Weight: 300g
  • Function :
       1. Prevent FM, VHF, UHF wireless transmitters.
       2. Prevent voice-control recorder.
       3. Prevent international crime passion phone call.
       4. Prevent an extension wiretap.
       5. 24 hours automate scanning telephone line route.

    Use illustrate: It can not use with extension telephone.

    • Installs the tele-guarder with telephone line.

      Takes up the telephone receiver.

      Using cross screwdriver adjust the sensitive of TKS-210.

      After that use cross screwdriver to turn clockwise until the light bright and then turn anticlockwise to extinguish light. The sensitivity is OK.

      It begins to work after adjusting good sensitivity of the TKS-210.Telephone also can use normally.

    • If your telephone can not be used, it is mean that your telephone linear voltage is low voltage. 

    • You have to change another TKS-210 for low voltage but the low voltage TKS-210 must special made.


    • Easy to install and use telephone line conditioners for personal privacy.Prevent FM wiretapping.Prevent pilfer pull.Prevent record secret.
    • Prevent UHF UHF and any high-tech monito