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s your child frightened to tell the truth about an abusive nanny? Are you the victim of an abusive "care giver"? Are you being accused of abuse when you are innocent?
Is there unexplained damage to your home? Is there unexplained damage to your car? Are your home office equipment being broken or stolen?


Do you really know what happens in your home while you are away?
The TKS-506.A reveals abuse and tells you the truth!
The TKS-506.A is the safe and secret way to find out if you are being victimized while you are away. Even if you don't suspect any abuse, you should know what goes on in your home.
Install a TKS-506.A and monitor your home today!


¡DSensor:1/4" color CMOS Sensor
¡DLens:Cone Lens f3.7 mm/F2.0
¡DEffective Picture Elements:VGA (H: 640 x V: 480)
¡DS/N Ration:46 dB
¡DAuto Electronic Shutter:1/60s~1/15,000s
¡DAuto Gain Control:Yes
¡DAuto White Balance:Yes
¡DSynchronous System:Negative Sync
¡DVideo output port:RCA Jack, 1 Vp-p./75 Ohms
¡DVideo output format:NTSC or PAL(Switch Settable)
¡DRecording Resolution:VGA (640x480) / QVGA (320x240)
¡DCompress Quality Level: High/Medium/Low
¡DRecording Mode:Continue/Motion Detection
¡DRecording Interval:10 Sec/5 Sec/3 Sec/2 Sec/1 FPS/2 FPS/4 FPS/6 FPS/8 FPS/Max
¡DStorage Capacity:Built-in 64MB Flash Memory (Maximum 10800 pictures in QVGA)
¡DMemory Full:Selectable Function: Full Stop/Overwrite
¡DPlayback Mode:Forward/Rewind: x1 / x2/ x4/ x8/ x16,Pause and Step
¡DSearch Playback:Date & Time
¡DMotion Detection:Full Screen/ Adjustable Detect sensitivity rate 1~99
¡DOn Screen Display:Mode/ Date/Time/ Status/ Set-up Menu
¡DPower Supply:DC 12V ¡Ó%10 /170mA or 4 AA Batteries
¡DAdaptor:110V AC/ 12V DC (2-Pin plug) or 230V AC/ 12V DC (2-pin plug)
¡DBattery Life:Alkaline:6.0 Hours


1. Extremely portable drive with Built-in Hi-resolution camera.
2. Automatic image control functions.
3. Function Supported: Auto Electronic Shutter (AES), Auto White Balance (AWB) and Auto Gain Control (AGC).
4. Hi-Resolution, low cost video capture machine records images in build-in 64 MB Flash memory.
5. Recording auto resumes after power loss and back.
6. Two recording mode, Supported continuous and motion detection recording.
7. One device supports both PAL and NTSC systems.
8. Live video guardable while under recording process.
9. Supports VGA and QVGA image compression format.
10. Selectable compression image qualities and frame rates.
11. Motion detection with Adjustable motion sensitivity level.
12. Supports flexible playback mode: Normal, Fast Forward, Fast Rewind, Pause, Step Forward and Step Rewind.
13. User-friendly OSD set-up menu and front panel design.
14. Supports 4 x AA alkalinity batteries.


(1)Function Switch:
The two most common video standards used are NTSC and PAL.
NTSC is the video system or standard used in North America and of South America.
PAL is the predominant video system or standard mostly used in Europe.
Please select and switch to the best suits your location.

Full Stop <->Overwrite
To select whether t overwrite the recorded memories or to stop recording when memory is full. One may select ¡§Overwrite¡¨, the memory will be overwritten starting with the oldest data first.
Selecting ¡§Full stop¡¨ will cause the RECORD mode to STOP mode, and the REC LED will be unlit.

(2)Video Output Jack:
To enable monitoring functions, connect one terminal to the video out jack and the other terminal to the monitor (TV).

(3)Power Switch
Select ¡§On¡¨ to switch on the device, and ¡§Off¡¨ to switch off the device.

(4)Power Source Jack

(5)LED operation Mode Indicators
LED light easily allows the user to distinguish the current system status. For example REC LED: when the LED lights up, indicates recording and LED lights off indicates on recording.

Buttons commonly use are STOP and REC buttons (switches to STOP mode and RECORD mode). But all other 5 buttons are applied during setups. Every button under each mode has different definition. For more details , please refer to the section on ¡§Function Setup Description¡¨.

(7)LED Power Indicator
The LED lights up indicates that the device is powered up and when LED lights off indicates that the power is insufficient or switched off.